A shingle fell off my roof and I brought somebody in to fix it. They said they found other problems. When I asked them about their findings, they had a bad attitude. I had used Chris before for a problem with my mothers roof, so I brought him in. Chris was very knowledgeable, and personally supervised and inspected all work done. He was up on the ladder, making sure everything was 100% perfect. He found other problems once he was up there and repaired them for no additional cost. He was able to match my 10 year old shingles perfectly so you can't even tell that it was repaired. One of the few tradesmen whose opinion and pricing I accept without questioning.

David L

Yesterday I noticed a stain on my ceiling indicating a leak in the roof. I called Goodwin roofing immediately, having used them in the past. Chris Godwin came to my house that afternoon, checked out the problem, noted a few other things that needed to be done and gave me a very reasonable quote. He and his crew were here at 7:00 am, made the repairs, went around the house and re-nailed a few places that the aluminum fascia were coming loose and fixed those without my asking. He was done before 9:00 am! Great company every time I have used them! Thanks, Goodwin Roofing!

Kathleen S

We are very happy with the new roof installed by Goodwin Roofing! The crew was very efficient and polite, even after working 12 hours. The job was completed quickly and there are no signs of debris anywhere around my home. Chris was so easy to work with and was always quick to answer questions or even discuss the plan.

Mike T

From the beginning to the end of the project for repair of my soffit and fascia I must say I am pleased with the outcome. Great customer service and tells you what needs to be done without the extra fluff....straightforward! Time efficient as well.

Chanika O

We are happy returning customers of Goodwin Roofing. Chris promptly responded after we called the company and came to assess the issue in person. He is a very competent roofer and a professional we trust. Every time he has been very diligent in assessing the cause(s) of our roof leaks and fixing the problems while charging a fair price. We highly recommend his service.

Steffen S

I have an old house with a very high roof that had been leaking in an upstairs closet for sometime. Chris with Goodwin Roofing was able to figure out the reason it was leaking and fix it, when no one else had been able to. In fact, Chris was able to fix in one visit what 3 other roofers were not able to fix in five visits. I will definitely use Goodwin for all future roofing.

Kelly R

Chris Goodwin has worked on my roof and on the roofs of many of my real estate clients. He has always been honest and trustworthy, and he has always done the job correctly for a reasonable price. It is easy to reach him and he tries very hard to accomodate my clients when they need things done in a tight time frame. I highly recommend Goodwin Roofing!

Emily E

Chris and his team did an excellent job on our roof repair. They were timely and very responsive. When we contacted Chris about our roof , he showed up at our house a few hours later. He inspected our roof and gave us an estimate on the spot. We accepted the offer and Chris and his team came back less less than a week later to repair. Chris was very knowledgeable and insightful when explaining what had caused the damage and noted that the roof was installed improperly in certain aspects. I highly recommend Goodwin Roofing, very trustworthy, responsive, timely and highly experienced !

Daniel H

Goodwin Roofing has always been my go to roofing company for my personal property as well as flip properties. They have done everything from small repairs to a complete roof replacement. He has been in the business for a long time and is extremely knowledgeable. I trust his opinion and recommendations, and you should as well for all of your roofing needs.

Wen D

I was interested in putting a solar or powered attic ventilator in our house so called Goodwin Roofing. Chris came by promptly and analyzed our attic and existing ventilation and recommended putting additional insulation in attic rather than the attic ventilator. I'm very happy with his recommendation and will be using Goodwin Roofing for all of our roofing needs in the future.

Joe F

Called for a repair estimate, turns out it is a siding issue not a roofing issue. Appreciated the honesty

Don Q

Chris Goodwin is a pretty good fella to work for. I've been roofing for 37 Years and this is the first time I've ever worked for him.

Richard H